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Conveyor belt running deviation causes and treatment methods

Conveyor belt running deviation causes and treatment methods

Belt conveyor running conveyor belt running deviation is one of the most common fault. Run a variety of reasons, the main reason is the difference in installation of low accuracy and daily maintenance. The installation process, the head tail between roller, intermediate roller in the center of the same line as far as possible, and parallel to each other, to ensure that the conveyor belt will not or less partial. In addition, joint tape to correct, should be the same on both sides of the circumference.
Processing method
In use process, if there is a running deviation,  and then to make the following checks to determine the reason, to adjust. The conveyor belt running deviation often check the location and treatment methods are:
(1) check the roller center line of the transverse and longitudinal center line of belt conveyor is not coincidence degree. Value is more than 3 mm, if you don't contact ratio should be used on either side of the roller set elongated holes on the installation and adjustment.  Specific methods is a conveyor belt to which side, supporting roller group which side of the forward towards the direction of the conveyor belt move forward, backward or the other side.
(2) check the head and tail frame installation deviation values of the two surfaces of the bearing. If two plane deviation is greater than 1 mm, the response to two plane adjustment in the same plane. Head roller adjustment method is: if the right side of the conveyor belt to the roller running deviation, the roller on the right side of the bearing should move forward or on the left side of the bearing seat back; If conveyor belt running deviation to drum left, the cylinder on the left side of the bearing should be move forward or on the right side of bearing seat back. The tail roller adjustment method is contrary to the head roller.
(3) check the location of the material on the conveyor belt. Material on the conveyor belt cross section is not centered, will lead to the conveyor belt running deviation.
If the material slants to the right, the belt running deviation, and to the left and vice versa. When in use, should as far as possible let material center. To reduce or avoid this kind of conveyor belt running deviation can increase the baffle plate, change the direction of the material and location.
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