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Customize High Quality Hinged Steel Plate

Customize High Quality Hinged Steel Plate


Customize high quality hinged steel plate

Hinged steel plate is a very robust belt that is made of stainless steel or carbon steel and driven by sprocket. Perfect for conveying small products, smooth running, easy to maintain, durable. With an extremely robust design and high load capacity, chain plate belt making it the perfect choice for arduous engineering processes such as presswork, die-casting and forging.

It is constructed of hinged slats or plates linked together by means of cross rods with chains in two sides. The chains are secured by a welded washer or cotter pin at the ends of cross rods.
Side plate guard and cross flights in various combinations of height and thickness is available.
Perforations are available on some slat sizes for applications requiring drainage, better cooling or heating.

Mild Steel / SS304 / SS316, galvanizing, bright zinc plating, Teflon coating.

Transport, Drainage, Sorting, Elevating, De-elevating, Waste Treatment, Blanching
1. Industries: ceramics, glass, petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceuticals, printing presswork, electronics, foundry, die-casting and forging;
2. Heat treatment, drying, cooling, refrigerating, cleaning, dehydration, material handling, steaming, filtering, sludge draining, etc.

How to choose a suitable type:
The material depends on the environment where the belt is used.
The specifications of the mesh depends on the sizes of the products which are being conveyed.
The tension force depends on the load, and the load weight will determine the wire diameter and the rod pitch.

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